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We hope you find our site enlightening and understand the reason for our existence. Uplift & Inspire/DiVine DiVas & DoNs are focused on providing professional and high-quality service as we carry out our mission:

Promoting & Restoring Hope While Mentoring & Motivating!  

Our organization is based on the belief that instilling hope and making people aware are critical and of the utmost importance when it comes to sustaining and revitalizing our community. The entire team at Uplift & Inspire (U&I)/DiVine DiVas & DoNs are committed to addressing the needs and concerns of the community while delivering hope in various areas of life that tend to hinder or impede on success.

We are passionate about the endeavors we embark on and are truly inspired to uplift the greatness in our younger generation.

Uplift & Inspire (U & I) oversees the business operations of programs and services while DiVine DiVas & DoNs host various social and engaging affairs, activities and events that support, and promote the organization as a whole.

 We've proudly been serving the Rockford community since 2009 and will make efforts to work with other community agencies, businesses, organizations, groups, etc., who share in our belief to empower, promote, restore, mentor, motivate, uplift and inspire so that we can build and maintain

a safe and vibrant community!

Why We Exist?

Uplift & Inspire/DiVine DiVas & DoNs exist because we have hope!

We believe every individual on this earth deserves a chance to be exposed, made aware and have the opportunity to succeed and advance in life! 

Please continue browsing our site and learning more about us, but before you go we'd like to leave you with a bit of inspiration.....

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best!

DiVine DiVas & DoNs What We Do Video

Description: Captured moments showing what we do during our "free" community event "Saturdays In The Park." We've been serving the Rockford community since 2009 and need your support, so please dona...

Mottos: Heads held high while living, loving, laughing, & giving back!

U & I together, "will" make a difference!

Want more information? Contact us at 708-639-1205 or

email us at

Your support is needed, so please lend us a hand, time or money!

Daiga Ft Cam - Produced By: Vudu Spellz (Grammy Award Winner)

Step Away (From Violence) DiVas & Dons Anthem

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