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Community Champions

Thank you to each and every person, business, group or organization who has sponsored, supported and/or attended any of our events. It takes a village and we thank all of you dearly.

Together, U & I "will" make difference!

Community Champions 2019

DiVine MoMents    Bean Family   Constant Electric   SWAG Sisters   George Barmore    Gunite Local 718     Save-A-Lot   Frito Lay Rodney Pittman   Same Wind Riders   Wright Way   Sara Cee   Darius Pierre   DJ Heaten Up     Swaygo Society   Greg Bridges Sundstrand Employees     Kinny Luster     Onyx   Quincy   Ken     Willie Bates   David & Kim Buchanan   JaVaughn Bean    Synthia Foote    Gloria Williams     Wayne Turner 

Community Champions 2018

DiVine MoMents    Bean Family   Constant Electric   Sundstrand Employees   Janet & Brelenn Griffin Demetria Starks   Angela Rideout   Flora Hereford     Daiyon Davis   Positive Reflections   Darius Pierre Sara Cee   George Barmore Frito Lay Vince Rideout   Same Wind Riders Save-A-Lot   Gunite Local 718 Shayne Patterson   DJ Heatem Up    Morris Family    Tammy Edwards   Synthia Foote   Gloria Williams     Wayne Turner   Willie Bates   Tim Buchanan

Community Champions 2017

Rockford Park District   Gunike Local 718    Save-A-Lot

Vudu Spellz Entertainment/Vudu Graphix     A1 Graphix   Shayne Patterson

  George Barmore   Cherita & Chris Jenkins   Sterling Blackmon   Positive Reflections   Rosalyn James   Jennifer Rucker   Alton Jones   William Muhammad  Chakietha Hicks   Ron Teliszczak   DiVine MoMents     Bean Family   Constant Electric   Morris Family

Community Champions 2016

Rockford Park District   Radisson Hotel & Conference Center   Gunite Local 718

Save-A-Lot   Chrysler Local 1268   Rockford Housing Authority   Dorothy Lister

Vudu Spellz Entertainment/Vudu Graphix   A1 Graphix   Shayne Patterson

Cherita & Chris Jenkins   Delia Jennings     Sterling Blackmon    Positive Reflections   Rosalyn James Meghan Stevens   Tina Harvey & Step Into Shape   Cherie Thompson   Lisa Harrell   Chakietha Hicks Sarah Wohlust

Community Champions 2015

Rockford Park District    Radisson Hotel & Conference Center   Gunike Local 718

Save-A-Lot   Chrysler Local 1268   Rockford Housing Authority   Dorothy Lister

Vudu Spellz Entertainment/Vudu Graphix    A1 Graphix     Shayne Patterson

Cherita & Chris Jenkins   Delia Jennings   Sterling Blackmon   Positive Reflections     Rosalyn James   Tina Harvey & Step Into Shape   Cherie Thompson   Lisa Harrell   Chakietha Hicks   Sarah Wohlust

Community Champions 2014

Rockford Park District   Radisson Hotel & Conference Center   Gunike Local 718   Rockford Housing Authority   Save-A-Lot    Gunike Corporation DiVine MoMents   Chrysler Local 1268   RD Foundation   Yves Garden   P&L Auto Body Vudu Spellz Entertainment/Vudu Graphix A1 Graphix    James Bean

Positive Reflections    Shayne Patterson    Cherita Rockwood & Christopher Jenkins   Delia Jennings     Bobby Taylor   Love & Loyalty MC   Julia Edwards Alton Jones   Fayrene Muhammad Sterling Blackmon,   Demetria Starks   Meghan Stevens   Santik Hogan    Tracey Lewis    Tiante Meriweather Lisa Harrell    Juanita Nelson   Shuwn Hayes     Robin Summerrise   Dawn Gayden-Roberson   Greg Bridges Flaava Jazz Band   Tina Harvey   Terri Hatchett   Darius Pierre   Stefan Norfleet   Olumide Kayode   Frank Wallace Jr.   Ryan Pondinas   Purley Newson    Shawna Young   Torrey Loggins

Community Champions 2013

Rockford Park District     Radisson Hotel & Conference Center

NAACP Rockford Branch   Save-A-Lot    Gunike Corporation

Vudu Spellz Entertainment/Vudu Graphix    Old Skool Car Club    Road Gliderz

Kegel Harley Davidson    Holsum Bakery    P&L Auto Body

Vaughn's Home Furnishings   Rock City Unique Steppers    RD Foundation

DiVine MoMents   A1 Graphix    James Bean    Positive Reflections

Constant Connections   Evelyn's Hair Studio   Bourbon Street Grille

Addie & Melvin Jackson     Central Park Tap    Crazy Cuts Barber Shop

Hawksview Restaurant/Banquet Center     T-Dubs Trucking/QT's Den Tobacco & More

    Community Champions 2012

Rockford Park District   City of Rockford   Save-A-Lot

Chrysler UAW Local 1268    Gunike Corporation   Old Skool Car Club

Holsum Bakery      P&L Auto Body   Vaughn's Home Furnishings

SOS Tires     Generations Credit Union     Auto Clean Car Wash

DiVine MoMents   James Bean      George Barmore      Positive Reflections

DJ Roc Noisey    A Jones   Anthony Foreman   Doris Graham    Shayne Patterson

Community Champions 2011

Rockford Park District   Rockford Police Union   City of Rockford

Chrysler UAW Local 1268   Gunike UAW Local 718   Rockford Police Department

Rockford Fire Department   NAACP    Old Skool Car Club   JT's Bourbon Street Grille

Rock Valley College   Save-A-Lot   Holsum Bakery    Gray's IGA    Way-Low Gas/Mart

P&L Auto Body   Vaughn's Home Furnishings   SOS Tires   Larry's Convenience Store   BP Gas   Al-Mart    Sam's Club      Way Back Entertainment   Bean Family

Kimberly's Home Child Care   A Jones   Same Wind Riders

Welcome Star Lodge #36 Rockford   DiVine MoMents

Community Champions 2009-2010

DiVine DiVas & DoNs    Old School Car Club    DiVine MoMents    JT's Bourbon Street Grille

"Step Away From Violence" Our Anthem

The DiVine DiVas & DoNs were gifted with a positive and inspirational song from Europeon top 10 charting Rap Artist Daiyon Davis and produced by Grammy Award Winner - Vudu Spellz called "Step Away (From Violence)." Support us by purchasing this single so that we can continue giving back and be on the look out for the "Step Away" (From Violence) line dance!

Awards & Appreciation

Rockford Park Districted presented and hung a banner naming Andrews Park the "Official Home of the DiVine DiVas & DoNs June 2013.

We are so grateful and appreciative of this honor!

Thank you Rockford Park District, Illinois & Recreation Association and Illinois & Association of Park Districts for presenting us with a wonderful award (2011)!

Thank you Rockford NAACP for recognizing the work we do and awarding us with a beautiful community service award (2011)!

Mottos: Heads held high while living, loving, laughing, & giving back!

U & I together, "will" make a difference!

Want more information? Contact us at 708-639-1205 or

email us at

 Your support is needed, so please lend us a hand, time or money!

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