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The Beginning

 The organization was formed after I found myself unemployed some years ago and finally had time to make a long time dream come true. I'm still working toward my overall goal to open a community center that will provide a multitude of services and programs for inner-city youth and adults!

On a personal note, I am an energetic and fruitful spirited optimist with a positive persistent attitude who digs in and doesn't give up until my mission is complete! I have many passions in life, but helping those who want to help themselves is what God placed me on this earth to do! I’ve been called a "change agent" by many peers in my professional career because of the passion I display and the devotion I employ when it comes to removing barriers so that others can advance.

A Note From Tarina - Founder/CEO

Thank you to each and every person who listened to my thoughts, encouraged me, supported and believed in my vision/passion, prayed for me when I felt defeated and continue to stand by my side. Know that I will give my all and find ways to help "people" advance and succeed in life - Much love & respect Ms. Tee!

The DiVine DiVas & DoNs

Without my team, my dream for Uplift & Inspire/The DiVine DiVas & DoNs would be exactly that - a dream! 

I admire, appreciate, love, respect and thank each and every single one of you dearly.

Our Goals Will Be Accomplished On "One" Accord By:

  • Getting others actively involved in our community
  • Bringing awareness of available community resources and services
  • Delivering educational and entertaining activities and events
  • Keeping our community strong

Collectively, we will offer a variety of community outreach services now and in the future that will make "our" community proud and more importantly prosper!

Mottos: Heads held high while living, loving, laughing, & giving back!

U & I together, "will" make a difference!

Want more information? Contact us at 708-639-1205 or

email us at

Your support is needed, so please lend us a hand, time or money!

We Are One

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