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Programs & Issues We Will Address 

Giving Back (It feels great & it helps our community grow)

"Saturdays In The Park" - Held the 3rd Saturday July and August @ Andrews Park 

Youth Confidence & Self Esteem Workshops

I'm A DiVa - Learning To Love, Respect & Value Yourself - Coming Soon 

Empowerment & Educational/Life Skill Workshops - Coming Soon

Domestic Violence - Stopping The Cycle

Employment (Applications - Dress - Interviewing)

Financial Freedom (Saving For A Raining Day)

Higher Education (Career vs Job)

Stay In School Mentoring/Intern Program

We are in need of subject matter experts to oversee and facilitate the various programs listed above, so please contact Tarina at 708-639-1205 if you are interested.

Your support is needed, so please lend us a hand, time or money!

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